Monday, April 17, 2006

Taste Test

Okay, we have finally had our first taste of the goods from Schaub’s Meat, Fish and Poultry, where my son Grant is working.

Test Subject #1 is…drum roll please…Fred’s Burgers. Now you might ask, “What is a Fred Burger?” Perfectly normal question. It is a very special hamburger. What makes it special? I do not know. They will not tell you. It is a secret family recipe, concocted by the original owner, Fred. Apparently one family member comes in once a week and makes up the marinade for Fred’s Steak (which in its raw state is pitch black) and Fred’s Burgers. The burger meat is mixed, and then hand-formed. I didn’t take the time to deconstruct the burger and guess what was in it, as I was way too hungry. They went straight on the grill and the sat nicely on one of Schaub’s homemade onion rolls. A slice of cheese, a bit of mayo, and that was it. It didn’t need anything else.

Buyer Beware: Fred’s Burgers are only available on Thursdays and Fridays and cannot be ordered in advance. First come, first served.

PS: If you know what is in these heavenly patties, I would love to know!

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