Monday, September 18, 2006

Seattle Anyone?

I have just booked my flights for the first leg of my book tour. I fly into Seattle on Sunday October 8th for 3 events in 4 days.

Sunday, October 8th 4:30 pm – Ravenna Third Place Books
Tuesday, October 10th, 7pm – Wide World Books & Maps
Wednesday, October 11th, 7pm – Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park)

I have contributors joining me at these events, and we hope to be serving some tasty treats at each venue, so come on down and join us for the readings and discussions on culinary travel. Also, I would love to hear from you about the following:

Recommendations on restaurants, tea shops, bakeries, or merchants to see while I am in Seattle. Last year when I was there I stayed near Pike Place Market and did the grand tour there. But I did not get to see much more than that area.

I have some free time during my visit and would love to meet you if you are in the area. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even a cup of coffee would work. If you live in the area, drop me a line and let’s see if we can get together.

Tell your friends about the events – the more the merrier. These are wonderful independent bookstores that need your support, and I’d love for the events to be well attended.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


lee said...

Walk up first from the Pike Place Market and in a few blocks yo will find Macrina Bakery. Thay have a big front window where you can watch the bakers toil and a fan that wafts the lovely scent right out to you. It is cozy and the breads are delicious. Try the breakfast bread pudding. I am making a sourdough starter from Leslie Mackie's book today.
Also not to be missed is Salumi. It is the shop of Mario Batali's dad where they make their own cured meats and turn them into devine sandwiches. This is my favorite stop on my way out of town to the airport. You may be risking bodily harm by brining one of their warm porketta sandwiches on a plane though. I think it is on 4th in Pioneer Sq. It is not very easy to find but SOOOOOO worth it. They only have one or two tables in the back so it is best to get a sandwich to go. These are both places you can walk to from Pike Place.

L said...

I'll give a huge second to Macrina Bakery... it's a must not miss.

Also, if you get a chance stop in for lunch (during the week) or dinner (Wed - Sun nights) at Sitka & Spruce. It's a tiny place, but one of the best spots in Settle.

Looking forward to your visit!

Mrs. B said...

Salumi was on my list when I was in Seattle last December, but didn't quite make it. I will definitely try to get there this time around. And the bakery sounds great - the perfect place for me and my sweet tooth. Sitka and Spruce might work for lunch, since my dinners will be limited due to the event times.

Thanks for the suggestions. Keep em coming!

Jann said...

I will just miss you in Seattle....darn! Will let all my friends know where you are going to be so they can get a book signed for me....