Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Missing in Action

I have to say that I get very impatient with bloggers who go weeks without posting. I like my food bloggers. I have a list on my computer at work and a list on my computer at home. Much of my available spare time is spent reading food blogs. So here I am, not having posted in two weeks myself. Shame on me. All I can say is I am sorry.

But I do have a good reason. At least I hope it is a good enough reason. I have taken the Mrs. B show on the road. Kinda, sorta. My book, The World Is a Kitchen, is out on tour. We had three wonderful events in what is fastly becoming one of my favorite American cities, Seattle. Ravenna Third Place Books, Wide World Books and Maps, and Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, were the hosts to the launch of the book tour. Great venues, great people, and I had a great time. A big thanks to the bookstores, the Seattle residents, my friends Donn and Margaret (and new friend Allison), super blogger and super best bud, Tara Austen Weaver, and to Judy and Jim Ware, contributor extraordinaire and her ever-helpful husband.

Tomorrow night we have an event at the new San Francisco institution, The Ferry Building Marketplace at Book Passage. Come on down at join us at 6pm for wine and cheese, followed by an event starting at 7. We’d love to see you.

Follow along on the tour, and find out more about culinary travel at

I promise to be back sooooooon.


Helene said...

I wish you could make it to CHarleston because i'd be there with my pompoms and whistle!
I am so happy things ar going so well! We understand if you can't be there as often as you wish, you are on a mission: spreading the words about good food and world cuisine!

Ivonne said...

Okay. We'll forgive you.