Monday, February 09, 2009

Surprise! I'm Back….

Sorry to have been so remiss in posting to this blog. I overextended myself, workwise, and something had to give. Unfortunately it was Eating Suburbia. But I've missed it. I need to get back to it. Not that I haven't been writing, mind you. I've been a very busy bee since we last met.

As editor for Sweet Digs Bay Area, a real estate blog, I wrote daily editorial posts, as well as 3-7 weekly neighborhood posts. My more recent gig is as editor for, an international health news web site, where I assign, edit and upload stories, as well as writing a weekly "Health Eating" column.

The column has kept me busy testing recipes; some good, some bad (which never made it into the column). I've learned an enormous amount about antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins, calorie counts, and a million other things I never gave enough thought to. Here is some light reading for you, as well as some great recipes:

Quinoa: The Grain of the Future
Superfoods: What You Need to Know
A Little Help in the Kitchen
Today's Table: Lentils
What's For Dinner, Honey?
Mango Madness
Support Your Local Farmer
Back-to-School Lunch Options
Celebrate Whole Grains
Beauty Foods: Nutrition for Your Skin
Trading In Your Diet Soda
Red, White and Blue….berries
World Flavors: Vietnam
Berry Berry Good
Burger Bonanza
Summer Seafood: Ceviche
Summertime Soda Substitute
Today's Table: 30-Minute Tortellini & Chicken Soup
Post-Halloween Pumpkin Preparation
Pomegranates: Superfruit Goodness
Fall Fruit Favorite: Apples
Football Fever: Food for the Masses
Breakfast of Champions
Nuts to You
Today's Table: Sweet Potatoes
Catch of the Day: Halibut
When Life Gives Your Lemons, Make Stew
Spicing Up That Holiday Meal
Christmas Breakfast Treats
New Year's Resolution 2009: One Small Step Toward Healthy Eating
Today's Table: Simple Winter Soups
Salmon: A Fish for Everyday or Entertaining
Not Your Grandmother's Chicken Soup
Heirloom Cooking: Pot Roast for a New Generation
Breakfast Grains: A Healthy Way to Start the Day
Grill Pans: A Healthy Cook's Best Friend


heather said...

Welcome "Home" M'Dear! You have been missed! Great looking recipe, I will be trying it soon!

Fran said...

Glad to see you are back! Can't wait to read my way through your list of articles.

Mrs. B said...

Thanks, ladies. I know it has been far too long and I've missed you all!