Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Egg Creativity

I'm having to prepare in advance for our Easter dinner, as we head to Marysville on Saturday for my nephew Marshall's wedding. I am expecting 14 for a 5pm supper, meaning lots of advance work on my part.

This morning was the Easter eggs. I was determined to use what was in my house. I scoured my office and my yarn and craft closet for anything that I could find. I discounted all the Celtic stamps, the silver glitter and the multi-colored sequins, the latter two a bit gaudy for my taste. But I did have some fun.

After dying my 18 hard-boiled eggs in the standard 1 cup water/1 tablespoon vinegar/6 drops of food coloring, I organized my finds. Laid out on the red rosin paper that the contractors used to protect my new hardwood floor from injury, it all seemed a bit random and you will probably laugh at my attempt to be Martha Stewart. (I am much more creative in the kitchen than in the craft arena.) Assembled to the left are a few samples of my efforts.

The first is a simple egg, wrapped with ribbon and some little rosettes I had (for what, I do not know). Number 2 is made of tissue paper that I cut with pinking shears. All I had was some shimmery white paint to use as glue, but it seemed to work find. Number 3 has white correction tape bands and then is painted with a coat of the same shimmery white paint. 4 and 5 allowed me to take advantage of my large button collection, something I inherited in an old large canning jar. The last one is for my niece and nephew, both Catholic and missing their annual Easter church festivities to come north and visit family.

Next task is to head out to do some shopping. The menu as it stands now is a tribute to my late mother-in-law, who always put on a wonderful Easter feast, in the tradition of her husband's family who are of Lebanese descent.

Shish Kebab
Lebanese Rice
Green Beans in Homemade Tomato Sauce
Cucumber, Tomato and Feta Salad
Flat Breat
Hardboiled Eggs (of course)

Meyer Lemon Semifreddo with Berries
Chocolate Truffle Loaf with Berry Coulis

Happy Easter!

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