Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chicken + Lemons = Heaven

So, I have had this Classic Greek Cooking book by Daphne Metaxas forever. In fact it was published in 1974 and is no longer in print (although you can get it used in a variety of places). My copy is falling apart. The back cover is totally gone and there are stains throughout the book. Simple Greek cooking and many recipes that are easily made.

One recipe I make over and over and over, and is a big family hit, is Chicken Avgolemono. Right now I have a surplus of lemons. My husband picked about 10 pounds yesterday, from which I zested, peeled, and juiced. I also made some lemon vodka for use in lemon drops sometime down the line and a lemon/garlic salad dressing for use this week. But I am not anywhere near using the current crop. Tea got a bagful when she was here a week ago, so she might want a few more. Brilliant daughter loves to make lemon bars, so she can use a few. And I have a dessert to make for a baby shower on Thursday at my hubby’s work, so I can be creative with lemons there. But that won’t take even half of what we have sitting in the kitchen. So I think harder, and remember…this simple stew. I think you will like it.

Chicken – you can use a cut-up fryer, or boneless thighs (with skin on)
2 T olive oil
1 c chicken broth
1 T dry or ¼ c fresh dill weed
salt/pepper to taste
2 diced potatoes or 2 cans whole white baby potatoes, drained
2 eggs
2 lemons, juiced
2 T cornstarch

In large stew pot or Dutch oven, brown chicken in oil. Turn skin side up. Add broth, 1 cup water, dill, and salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 35 minutes. Add potatoes and continue simmering until potatoes are tender.

Mix lemon juice with cornstarch. Beat eggs and mix in with lemon juice. Slowly pour into chicken mixture, stirring as you pour. Cook until thickened. Serve immediately.

This takes about an hour from start to finish. You can make it over the weekend and serve it during the week. It also freezes well so you can make a double batch and freeze half for a rainy day.

Serve with salad or veggie and some bread to mop up the sauce and you are good to go.



Tea said...

Yes please! I am down to my last two:-)

This sounds so yummy--and I could eat it too.

Tanna said...

Oh you lucky lucky you! Lemons seem to be all over but no in my backyard.

lee said...!

Mrs. B said...

there are still a lot come on down. I like to share!

Ellen said...

Sounds yummy! I've got the same abundance of lemons here, also in the bay area suburbs.

Heather said...

Hey, might I offer a proposition? I can make a fair trade (I happen to have a LOVELY black cake (AKA jamaican fruit cake), as featured in Laurie Colwins book, which I have been making for several years to rave reviews, that I could mail to you in return for a few of your golden gems. Or, if you don't think it crass of me to offer, I would be grateful if you could allow me to buy some from you. I cannot find them in my area (Long Island, NY), and have been waiting all year for them to show up!!!

Mrs. B said...

heather - I can certainly send you some if it isnt against any state or agriculatural restriction. I just picked another 10 pounds this morning and there is at least 10 more hanging out. send me an email to