Friday, December 18, 2009

Mrs. B’s Kitchen Odyssey

I was wondering if you might want to make a journey with me. I am anticipating a trip through remodeling hell and thought you might get a kick out of my angst, and ultimate joy. I'm in need of a new kitchen and I‘m determined to do it starting in January 2010.

I fully expect it to be a bumpy ride, full of potholes, missteps and missed opportunities. But I think we can all learn from this process together and maybe you can even provide some wisdom that will help me as we proceed.

I don't undertake this project lightly. My kitchen is tied to my livelihood so to speak, as I do test recipes and write about food here and there, and having it torn up and unusable for any period of time will make everything infinitely more difficult. (I might just need to rotate through all your kitchens to do my recipe testing.)

This is going to be a full demo and will include cutting one wall in half (the wall above the stove, removing the double ovens above) and completely moving the doorway to the kitchen. This means new electrical (and conformity to Title 24), plaster and dust everywhere, some new appliances, and then the big stuff like cabinets and counters.

Over the years I have vented my frustration with my kitchen on this blog. Sometimes more politely than others, but I have reached my limit. I want to put a big ol’ sledgehammer into my hands and go to town. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Expensive fun….

So I will do my best to chronicle my journey, and feel free to chime in at any time with suggestions and opinions, or to drop by my house with sustenance that doesn’t have a fast food wrapper around it. We might just let you play with the sledgehammer.

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Tea said...

Exciting! I can't wait to see.
And you can always come up here and use my kitchen!