Sunday, July 30, 2006


I recently posted about a dessert my brother had at Mama’s Fish House in Maui. The Black Pearl was not only drop-dead gorgeous, but a real taste treat. As a reminder, it is a passion fruit mousse, enrobed in dark chocolate, served in a cookie shell, with a fancy chocolate a passion fruit sunburst-patterned sauce.

So let’s see who can recreate it. If you think you can whip one up, let me know. Send the recipe and a picture of the final outcome. Winner gets an autographed copy of my soon-to-be hot-off-the-press book, The World Is a Kitchen. Deadline is my birthday, August 27th.


Dusty said...

Hi Mrs B, we in India were cut off - some stupid ban as regards blogs which fortunately got lifted. This looks so yummmmm. reminds me, I gotta go make pop corn for dinner.

Lea said...

Wow.. that is mind-boggingly beautiful! And inspiring!

Your book looks fantastic! right up my alley since I am a firm believer in travel via food ;-) Cant wait for its release on Amazon =)

sam said...

The cover photograph is beauiful.How exciting!

la fourchette said...

Very cool! Congratulations! I'll follow your publication celebrations now that I've found you. In fact, I am hoping by the time you read this that your books have arrived.
(A note about your links: They do not seem to be working. I am just now exploring the community of food blogs and, as you know, 'one thing leads to another'...but not so much on your site. Not sure if you know this so I thought I'd let you know. There were some interesting links that I couldn't access.)
I'll look forward to following your book 'launch'.