Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Preparing for Demolition

I’m not sure whether to be excited or scared about tomorrow’s demo…or maybe I am a little bit of both. While this kitchen renovation is not the large undertaking that my brother endured, it’s also not a simple refacing and coat of paint. The project involves removing everything in the kitchen, including the wallboard, and starting from scratch. It entails cutting one wall in half and moving one door.

Demolition is slated for tomorrow. D-Day. I’m looking forward to taking the sledgehammer and knocking out the first cabinet. But first I have to pack—the whole kitchen and my whole office. That’s a lot of dishes, pots and pans, and books. I’ve made room in the storage shed for much of it, as the garage needs to be kept open for the cabinet delivery tomorrow and for the guys to work.

I’m going to hijack our guest bedroom to serve as my temporary office. I figure if I stand the bed up against a wall, there will be enough room for my desk and paraphernalia. And it is at the other end of the house, so hopefully I will be insulated from the banging and cold draft.

The living room is turning into our mini-kitchen. The bar now holds the coffeepot, the wine fridge was moved into this room and has the electric fry pan and rice cooker on top. Two rolling bins which serve to hold our dishes and immediate food items (tea, snacks, spices, etc.) are topped with a toaster and a crockpot. Gonna have to make do with simple cooking and take-out.

I’ve got boxes and plastic bins full. I’m even using bags for books, and just went out to the laundry area to gather extra laundry bins to use for my cookbook collection. Running out of things to pack in, meaning we’ll need to head out to scrounge for boxes or to buy more re-usable bins. I’ve been saving newspaper to use to wrap the more fragile items. Not sure I’ll have enough of that either.

Twenty-four hours left…lots to do. Anyone wanna help?

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