Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Utilizing Barn Slider Doors

In designing my kitchen, we are moving our kitchen door to accommodate a new run of cabinets (which includes a much-needed pantry). The door will be relocated to the center of the wall that leads into our foyer. In my mind, a traditional door just won’t work. My first thought was to leave the doorway open. But as an alternative I am thinking about utilizing barn sliders on the foyer side of the wall and hanging an architecturally interesting door. Kind of like one of these:

Remodelista has a whole article on sliding barn doors and I am drooling at the thought. In fact, I am thinking about doing the same thing on the opposite foyer wall for our coat closet. It could be a nice way to add a design element that is functional.


Anonymous said...

hi susan,

ooh, i love that barn sliders door look and the whole re-use philosophy. i'm enjoying your remodel journey, although i know you have many more colorful adjectives to describe the experience. i read somewhere (and lived it) that anything worth doing is not easy... or something like that, but put more eloquently. on that note, your brown butter corn featured in your cool cookbook was SO easy but SO worth doing. everyone LOVED it. thank you. brought corny old corn to a new zone. and, i've still got so many other susan brady recipes to take a stab at!

alrighty, hope you get at least one minute of peace a day, i.e. sit down, back against chair with a soft back, and stare outside with lazy eyes. it does make a difference to the soul. seriously. i did it yesterday in a desperate moment when really, all i wanted to do was throttle my little monsters. take just one minute. just one. two is even better.


Mrs. B said...

I remember when you went thru the remodeling process and you were pregnant. Hardwood floors, etc. You got thru it and so will I.It's really not so terribly bad.Not cooking and testing recipes has left me a bit of time to write, which is wonderful.

Glad you loved the corn. Best time is in the summer when it is fresh from the farm. I hate to think about the calories in that dish but it is divine.

Thanks for following along on my journey!

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