Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The recipe reviews just keep on comin....

Helene, a food blogger from France (now living in South Carolina), also offered up herself and her kitchen for the greater good. One of the stories in the book centers on Mama Rose’s Coconut Bread, taking place in the South Pacific. The writing is top notch, and apparently the recipe is too. (My sister-in-law also made a batch and raved about it.)

Check out Helene’s comments at tartelette aux on this delicious loaf (and the recipe) and drool over the fluffy end result. I could almost smell the aroma….


Helene said...

Thanks for the post but the links to Driste's page and mine are not working right. I'd love to be able to read about the paneer.

Mrs. B said...

I am so sorry. The coding is correct,but it looks like everything after the pelmeni post won't link properly. I promise to work this out!